Cyber-Secure Decentralized Cloud

Secure and Private Ecosystem Enabled by the Fog Computing Architecture and Decentralized Cloud, Created for Individuals, Businesses and Robots to Interact with Trust.

The platform provides secure decentralized cloud, resource marketplace to do business, launch services and store digital assets.


Decentralized cloud computing, based on fog computing architecture, securely connect all the resources coming from the multiple nodes into the distributed decentralized infrastructure, creating a natural environment for internet of things (IoT), FinTech and other industries that needs enhanced security to interact with big volumes of data or numerous transactions. Based on patented military-grade security protocol SDNP, HyperSphere gives its customers an unprecedented level of security.


No one can access user data within HyperSphere - only data owners and their recipients may know the data details. Our decentralized storage technology combined with patented cybersecurity solutions ensure privacy to every user in the ecosystem. Our end goal is to be the next generation Internet, opening up a new era of business, where data privacy and security comes first.


HyperSphere is the endless source of affordable computing power, a decentralized and cyber-secure alternative to the existing cloud providers, and a decentralized marketplace of computing resources that would satisfy any customer needs, without access to unencrypted sensitive data.

The decentralized infrastructure of HyperSphere consists of the combined computing resources from a number of independent nodes located all around the world. Anyone, who has idle computer resources, no matter whether it is a single PC or an entire data center, can join the decentralized marketplace of HyperSphere, share resources and get paid or purchase resources: decentralized storage, computing power or network bandwidth.

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Nowadays, with the explosive growth of IoT devices, the arrival of 5G and growing amount of real-time connections, there is a necessity of a platform, able to meet all these needs and optimize the workflow. Simultaneously, platform should be trusted, meaning it should provide guaranteed security and privacy for all users and no centralized authority able to violate the rules.

HyperSphere offers cyber-secure ecosystem, distributed network environment, designed to be world-largest cloud, without owning any servers. All devices running HyperSphere's software are connected and form the global Meshed Network. Cross-platform architecture, wide amount of usecases and abilities to monetize idle resources attract users making HyperSphere truly decentralized digital platform!


  • Lend your unused computer resources.
  • Get as much processing power as you need.
  • Perform distributed calculations or use decentralized storage
  • Develop cyber-secure services.


  • Share and monetize your data securely and privately.
  • Use data analyzing services without disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Make customer data compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • Build data-driven cyber-secure services.

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HyperSphere is the endless source of affordable computing power, a decentralized and cyber-secure alternative to the existing cloud providers, and a marketplace of computing resources.

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