The Digital Trust Ecosystem

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Dual Crypto-Currency System

The cryptoeconomy of HyperSphere has dual-cryptocurrency system, consisting of two currencies: HyperMetal and HyperCoin. Dual-token economy is created to enhance economic stability within the platform by linking the price of the coins, which are traded on the exchanges to the blockchain-based services. This is the way for the tokens to be linked to and represent the real economic value, so they can be immune to the price waves on the exchange, caused by public opinions.

DyDAG Blockchain

DyDAG is personalized and multi-tree blockchain. The various trees inside DyDAG are light-weighted and individual (unlike heavy single chains in current cryptocurrencies), adding obvious benefits to the system. Personal or enterprise blockchain ownership is now possible through an identity-trust-chain. Unique cloaked jury-of-peers technology makes DyDAG blockchain resistant to back-tracing and ensures tamper-proof consensus mechanism for transaction validation. In the HyperSphere, all blockchain-to-blockchain asset transfers are executed through HyperContracts. At contract completion all credit-debit transactions are recorded and time stamped as debits on the payor’s DyDAG blockchain and as credits on the payee’s private blockchain.


HyperCoin is a traditional security token, available for trading on exchanges and able to reflect the whole system value. HyperCoins are earned by resource providers, executing contracts and are automatically minted from HyperMetals for the purpose of remuneration at HyperContract completion. Minting of new HyperCoins involves melting of pre-existing HyperCoins in order to limit the number of tokens in circulation. It will help avoid economic inflation and currency value dilution.


Transactions in the HyperSphere occur using digitally specified procedures called HyperContracts issued by HyperSphere merchants and service providers to solicit and contractually stipulate deliverables from HyperNode resource providers. Every HyperContract comprises a job specification and a HyperMetal or HyperCoin reward pledge describing the compensation reserved, i.e. pledged, for payment to resource providers participating in the contract’s successful execution (including jurors and backup nodes).


HyperMetal is an internal utility token, used as a payment for services within HyperSphere’s ecosystem. HyperMetal may be used to rent place in secure cloud storage, computing resources and for other services inside HyperSphere. The minting of new HyperCoins involves a corresponding melting of pre-existing HyperCoins, thereby limiting the number of tokens in circulation avoiding currency value dilution and economic inflation.


The security of the HyperSphere platform is achieved by utilizing its own dedicated communication protocol, SDNP. The Secure Dynamic Network and Protocol (SDNP) combines autonomous dispatcher-based packet routing and fragmented data transport of anonymous data packets over a meshed network with hop-by-hop dynamic encryption and state-based concealment techniques to repel packet hijacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, and metadata surveillance of network traffic. Originally developed and deployed in professional communication and mission critical communication, SDNP uses proven, fifteen years' experience field-tested technology.

Trust Ecosystem

Trust Ecosystem is the digital space, where all the users of HyperSphere communicate and do business. The aim of Trust Ecosystem is to offer secure ways of data management for all participants, enhancing privacy, accountability and ensuring secure ways for the value to be derived from data. Trust Ecosystem solves two key issues of modern data. The first issue is data compliance, which includes data misuse or overuse, the second one is underuse of data: when businesses cannot utilize the data because of lack of control in the Internet, which has many vulnerabilities, interrupting digital business. These two issues lead to the risks of user privacy violation or losing sensitive data about business. Trust Ecosystem creates new ways to provide companies and individuals with control over their data, protecting privacy.